My First Full Marathon



YES! Now I am Marathoner (don’t need to explicitly mention HALF now)

My 1st full marathon or should I say the 42.195KM epic challenge.
It was always going to be special & indeed it was. Thanks to the volunteers, Mumbaikar & of-course the great runners who were motivating each other.

The plan was to run @6.20 pace as I had started the FM preparation after October Bengaluru marathon but thanks to Krishnakumar (BIB # 734) the challenge turned out to be a fun run with some chit-chat, enjoying each & every moment. Thank you very much Krishnakumar (unfortunately couldn’t met you after the race but a big congratulations).
And Yes, I will be back on 15/Jan/2017 for the epic 42.195KM once again & definitely its going to be SUB 4. Minoti Koul Anil Singh thank you very much for all your motivation & support and making me a RUNADDICT

Author: arupsinm

Engineer | Runner - began 🏃 from Jan 2014 8 x FM, 19 x HM Nike+ ID: arupsinn HM - 1:41:00 FM - 3:46:06 Comrades 87KM - 11:25:12 90.2KM - 10:56:53

2 thoughts on “My First Full Marathon”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible experiences of Comrades in detail and all about the first time HM and FM. Such a motivating article!

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